Friday, January 22, 2016

eShopMind Universal Cell Phone Clip Holder

This Universal Clip Holder by eShopMind, comes as a bundle with a universal holder and this multi-angle cellphone stand. You can wind it and angle it any way you want. The possibilities are endless.The long flexible arm is very strong, not flimsy which I was worried about. The clip is well made, sturdy, and supports my huge and heavy iPhone 4 with a battery case and my Galaxy S4 without a problem. This is great for watching videos or listening to music, hands free while doing other things. I set mine up where I can see both my desk and my monitor. There are so many uses for this cell phone clip.  I use my cell phone to record some videos. I used this to hold my phone while I recorded a video review. It held my phone well and in placed. It also puts your phone in easy reach.
The phone gripping clamps adjust easily. It's easy to adjust the flexible arm to the desired level.

The head swivels so you can get the angle you need. My only issue was that it brings no instructions. Although, it is fairly simply to figure out, it could be somewhat problematic to some people. It also came with a neat cell phone stand. This is actually really nice.

Overall, I recommend it though because for the price and for the versatility it brings, you really can't go wrong. It is available on Amazon in different colors to choose from here.

I received the eShopMind Universal Cell Phone Clip Holder at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion.

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