Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ozeri Touch II Total Body Bath Scale

The surface of this bath scale looks great and high-quality, stylish and modern and are very easy to use. I got the white one. The programming was a little tricky but I figured it out eventually since I never used one like this before. Be sure to follow the directions. I like that it automatically remembers personal profile and auto-starts just by stepping on it. You can use multiple profiles but if you have a similar weight and height to other members of the family. Scale is accurate so far, however, unsure on the body fat percentage. I really don't use the other. This scale has more features than I really need but the weight is what to me is important. 

This scale has replaceable batteries that make it easy to replace when the run empty. The scale power on when you stand on it, and turns itself off when you're done, so the 2 lithium batteries that are included should last for a long time.

I have received this product for free for my unbiased review and my review is solely my own opinion. #ozeri

You can get this on Amazon here.

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